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Conventional powder compositions are used to produce oil pump gears, valve guide bushings, shock absorber parts, parts of window-lift mechanism, wearproof parts of transmission and diesel fuel system, inserts, rings, disks and other parts for VAZ, GAZ, MAZ, KAMAZ automobiles.

Parts of sealing and locking devices are produced using cold-working practice of sintered blanks.

A wide range of high precision friction bearings of cylinder and spherical shape bronze, porous iron and iron-copper-tin based are produced at the Plant.

We manufacture switching devices, sliding contacts of sensors and electrical machines parts of powder copper, alloy with microadditives which allowed us to increase electroconductivity up to 98% from M-1 copper and reduce power intensity due to sintering temperature decrease.

We also produce components for door locks and accessories (latches, catches, cover plates, etc.). Our products are decoratively coated with zinc and nickel.

A wide range of products made of iron based materials is manufactured using innovative technology of actuation of sintering developed at the Plant. The products manufactured have enhanced plasticity, impact strength and machinability, they can be subjected to stamping and straining while doing assembly work. At the same time the cost of these products is lower than those sintered using the conventional technology.

Along with the conventional technologies to produce valve guide bushings and valve seat inserts made of sintered iron based materials, the Plant is in the possession of the latest technologies of obtaining dispersion-strengthened copper and iron based materials with their recrystallizing temperature of 800°C and accordingly the operational life is 3-4 times longer than that of the conventional ones.

We developed and produce materials obtained by sintering combined with hardening in the sintering furnace without any special hardeners (sinterhardening). With this process hard, heat-treated parts of high precision and clean surface are produced and they are ready to be assembled.

Another technology developed at our Plant allows us to produce powder large-size parts of complex shape and mass of over 1 kg having strength comparable to the one of compact steel. The parts are manufactured by pressing of the component elements with further sintering of composite construction combined with the process of infiltration and bonding . With this technology the quality of the products is enhanced and cost of production is reduced.

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