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In 2012 it was 25 years since private joint-stock company METMA Metal Ceramics Plant had been founded. The company was established at the dawn of market transformations in Russia by the group of researchers and experts having profound experience of over 30 years in the field of powder metallurgy.
During these years the company turned from a small-scale company into the innovative plant delivering its products to the largest enterprises of Russia: Gorky Automobile Plant, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, KAMA Heavy-Duty Production Plant, AvtoVAZ, Yaroslavl Fuel System Plant, Zavolzhsky Engine Plant, LEPSE Kirov Electric Machine Plant, etc.
Over 80% of the output of METMA Metal Ceramics Plant currently is latter-day products developed by our specialists jointly with our customers.
While designing and constructing the plant our engineers developed and implemented a novelty conception of low-tonnage flexible manufacturing of wide range of powder products. The feasibility of the conception was proved by the fact that during the period of 20 years METMA Plant managed not only to survive but also to develop further having renewed the basic range of products time and time again.
The Plant specializes in the production of light weight parts (up to 200 g mainly) of higher precision and complexity.
The total output of the Plant per month is over 1 m parts in the range of 200 item names being 0.15 – 350 grams of weight from simple to top complexity level and made of 15 material formulations.
The products are compacted using conventional methods of single-press pressing on the domestic and foreign manufacture equipment, pressing followed by calibration after sintering. We also apply cold-working practice of sintered blanks, the process of step-by-step production, lubricated blends moulding, MIM-technology including. Automated engineering design of tooling, unified die sets, tooling adjustment outside the press are widely applied.

Multi zone automatic computer controlled conveyor furnaces equipped with temperature control system of ±5°C accuracy in each zone are used for sintering.
The plant has a certificate confirming that quality management system meets State Standard R ISO 9001-2011.
Control laboratory is equipped with up-to-date instruments for linear measurements and mechanical properties and structure of materials testing.
Since raising competitiveness of the products is the main factor of success, the Plant is making researches in order to reduce labour-intensiveness of the parts being produced and to develop new materials.
To maintain the current level of production besides our own researches we cooperate with dozens of domestic and foreign research institutions, design offices and universities.
To expand scientific and technical cooperation, to recommend the latest developments to the clients ZAO METMA and Powder Metallurgy Scientific and Technological Association run international seminars ‘Novel Materials and Metal Powder Products. Technology. Production. Application’. In 2005, 2008 and 2011 over 300 representatives from the leading enterprises and organizations of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea and China participated in the work of the seminars.

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